Pets- allowed

Owning a pet in Sydney is close to a crime. It’s similar to being a sex offender; you have to declare that you have a pet and hope for the best. You can’t just abandon your pet in order for you to find a home so you’re stuck with Sydney’s few homeowners that allow pets. Unfortunately for me, nor do I own enough to afford high-end houses that allow pets and nor can I lie in an application saying that I don’t have a pet and just hide my little cat like he is an illegal immigrant. I bet if he was an illegal immigrant it would’ve been easier.

Searching for apartments has been a horrible struggle. Your search result goes from 500+ to a mere handful when you click the pets allowed filter and in today’s day and age, I don’t know what homeowners are scared of. Letting random humans stay in your apartment/ house seems scarier than letting a little pup or kitten stay. This struggle of finding a home for me and my pet definitely baffles me. Am I supposed to stick to not having a friend who greets me when I come home and makes my life 5000 times better or should I try to find a place out of the 50 pet-allowed properties, which might I add seem to be going off the shelves like they are free? The number of listings that I’ve been to where the inspection has been cancelled because it was leased is just ridiculous.

Humiliation is the word. How dare I have an animal that I care for and want to take with me. How dare I help out the RSPCA by adopting a furry friend and how dare you live out of home and dare to rent a pet-allowed apartment. I must be bonkers! Tardis