Summative Entry

This semester has been personally very hard on me. I’ve been homesick, I’ve had financial problems and I’ve questioned many of my choices. I admit that I didn’t even show up to many of the lectures and tutorials because I just couldn’t find the energy and effort to think about Shakespeare. I kept trying to motivate myself, I know four languages and English is one of the languages that I love! I should and need to learn the history behind it. My love for this not only makes me want to learn it but it compels me to do it! Halfway through the semester I stumbled back to one of the tutorials which was on The Twelfth night. It resonated with so much anguish I had with the current situation that we have in the world that it peaked my interest in the subject. I was furious with myself, I had allowed these things to come in my way of learning, of understanding how the world works! And therefore, my blog hasn’t been up to date. I know that there is no excuse to my mistakes. I’ve bunched up all my blogs at the end to understand and grasp what I have missed out on. I also did all the peer reviews because I loved reading my classmates’ blogs. One of my favourite blogs is Anne-Marie’s. She inspires me so much.

I believe that there is a cycle of life that is constantly going on, no matter what time or year or technology. There will always be a Richard III, a King Lear, a Fool, and a fool’s fool. These experiences are so universal because these characters not only represent the time they were written in but the psychology of the person they were written about. There will always be an arrogant, power hungry person motivated by their deformities. Therefore, I think my blog I, Richard III is my best creative blog. To some extent I resonated with Richard. Although my deformities are not external, I believe they are internal. I don’t receive the hate that Richard feels but to some extent I have disliked some of my own feature and been critical about it. And I believe there is always a Richard III in us. Something that loathes themselves and internalizes all the arguments to push our self to be the best there is, to be a King. My best critical blog is 12. I truly started understanding Shakespeare and the Renaissance after this tutorial and I haven’t felt the same way about Shakespeare.

This unit was a journey in itself and oh what a journey it was.