Peer Review #6

I’ll be reviewing Victoria’s blog “ It’s a fool’s Fools World “.

This is a very strong post, Victoria! I love the details that you’ve added in, including the latin inscriptions. I was trying to analyse the map on the image and I started seeing a creepy image of a face with sharp teeth grinning at me, a bit spooky. I loved your conclusion of the blog. Most blogs don’t have this, including mine. The informality of blogs just leaves a wider ending rather than a conclusion. Reading your blog was a pleasant change. Keep up the good work!



Peer Review #5

I’ll be reviewing Natasha’s blog ” Twelfth Night – How should a man act?“.

Natasha, I really liked your creative blog as Maria! At some parts I felt like you were talking to me; very authoritative and commanding. The picture is perfect for this blog – that blushed and outraged face complements your blog very much. I love the overall setup of your blog too, very bright and inviting.

Looking forward to reading more of your blogs!


Peer Review #4

I’ll be reviewing Daniel’s blog for Week 4.

Firstly I would like to say that I love the play on words for your title, “Daniel White Lit Blog” and it is definitely “lit”. I love your theme and the space-themed header image. This blog is really detailed. I found the second sentence of the first paragraph very repetitive, the phrasing just seemed a bit off. But I love how you gave your readers a background of how you are a history student and why these two paintings fancied you. As a fellow history student, I can understand when an object that is hundreds of years ago triggers a connection with the information in your brain and brings out fireworks in your brain. I really liked the way you’ve laid out the two painting and then put an explanation for it.

Great work, Daniel!

Need to get some salad dressing now! 😉


Peer Review #3

I’ll be reviewing Tamara’s blog “Language of Ladies“.

I love your analysis of Lady Anne’s speech. I am intrigued by your observation of how a women’s strength or defence is cursing in Shakespeare plays whereas a man’s weapon would’ve  been crying; it would be amazing if you could attach an example with this to really highlight your point. This blog post is very strong but it does have minor typos which can be fixed. Nonetheless, love the work you’ve put into this.

Looking forward to your other blogs.


Peer Review #2

This week I’ll be reviewing Samantha’s blog

Your blog is really nice Samantha! I love your Center of the Universe. It is well spaced out and very detailed. You have a lot of information and it is a very well researched blog. You’ve enticed some interesting thoughts about Shakespeare and Marlowe’s work. I had never thought of these two writers focusing on the major flaw in the philosophy of their time.

I’m looking forward to reading more of your work. Keep up the good work. I also love the images you’ve used and the placement of them.


Peer review #1

This week, I’m reviewing Anne-Marie’s blog.

Your blog is beautiful! I love the quote on your page, “We explore because we are human” – Stephen Hawkings. A wonderful quote to start reading a new blog.

I completely agree with your review of Shakespeare’s language for Anne. It’s extremely painful but also at the same time very elegant and intelligent in comparison to Richard III’s language, which is very hoarse, misogynistic and loathsome. As much as I love your blog, I would love to read more of it. I understand that this is supposed to be a short review of a particular scene, but it would’ve been nice if it had been longer.

Keep writing! Looking forward to more of your work.