The whole theme of 12th night has been deeper meanings. It has sentences that have double-entendres. In one of the lines that Feste uses in response to Viola, “No, sir. I live by the church”. This sentence implies that he lives next to a church but also that he lives by the teachings of the church and it could also mean that he makes a living off the church. This play makes you question meanings behind every sentence, both in the play and real life. This is one of the plays that peaked my interests and pulled me back to re-read it. It made me reflect on conversations that have happened in real life, every compliment, every criticism, every conversation. The complexity of the English language is vast and complex, and the roots of it lies in these texts that we are studying today. It has made me think of all the courtesies that English has: politeness, grammar, pronunciation. We can assess a person through all of these things. It has always held a meaning, their politeness, how they pronounce it, how fast they speak. But through this text I’ve realized how deep the complexities go beyond all of these. And through the 12 weeks of this unit, I’ve truly realized the value of the 12th night.