Peer Review 7

For this week, I’ve decided to peer review Sarah Azzopardi‘s blog post Blog 8: Les Murray.

It was very refreshing to read Sarah’s poem inspired by “The Cool Green” by Les Murray. I have very similar views to Sarah, money that was created for an easier means to support of wellbeing and needs has changed to become a curse that is ruling our lives. It affects everything from the products we use to the university we choose.

I love how Sarah has used the three sisters as her background. I would like to suggest her put the picture as a single picture and make her content central. The beautiful three sisters kept distracting me from her content because of beautiful blues and greens in the picture, which could’ve been her intention all along.

Your blog looks lovely, Sarah!  Good luck on the e-portfolio!



Peer Review #6

For this week’s Peer Review, I’m reviewing Claudia Barkil‘s blog post Week 6 about Henry Kendell and Charles Harpur.

Hey Claudia,

I love your review on Charles Harpur and Henry Kendall. I agree with you on how both of them are trying to emphasise the beauty of Australian nature, both in completely different manners. While on is discussing the humming of bellbirds the other is describing the stillness through the stillness of something.

Overall I love the post, although I did find some spelling errors at the end of the post. At the end of the post, you seem to have difficulty trying to express yourself as the sentences seem a bit repetitive and confusing. I’m sure you’ll be able to fix this once you go through it.

I love the design and incorporation of aboriginal art in your blog. Looking forward to reading some more of your work.

Good Luck!


Peer review #5

For this week’s peer review I’ve chosen Georgiana Bou-said ‘s blog on Mary Gilmore, also titled Mary Gilmore.

I loved the background on Mary Gilmore that Georgiana provided. As the blog is titled after the writer, her description allowed me to get a sense about why the blog was titled after her. In saying this, I would’ve loved a brief introduction in her transition to the poem, “The measure”. The transition to the description of the poem felt abrupt.

Overall, I would love to have read more about her thoughts on the poem. Hey brief description of the only gave me insight on what the poem itself was trying to say and not much on her reflection of the poem.

I also love the blog header. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs, Georgiana!


Peer Review #4

For this week’s peer review, I’ve chosen Barbara Apicella‘s post Perspective.

The way Barbara has chosen to review her perspective on the two poems by Charles Harpur and Henry Kendall is very interesting. Although breaking down the poems and then explaining them did help me understand her interpretation but I also felt that the poem covered more of the post and I couldn’t feel a flow in the whole post.

My connection with what she was trying to say broke because I had to scroll down through the poems to read the complete picture of what Barbara was trying to say. I really loved Barbara’s spirit in this post. I would’ve loved to read more of her. But her sentences seemed to be cut short and abrupt. A little more emphasis on the flow of sentences would make her posts more appealing to the readers.

Overall, great post! There are some grammatical errors that can be fixed with a final proof read but nothing too major and the content overall was very enlightening and spirited. Look forward to reading more from you, Barbara!

Peer review #3

For this week peer review, I have chosen Arthur Stathopoulos ‘s “Blog 5: Critical response“.

This post definitely introduced a new perspective about the painting. I agree with Arthur regarding the isolation in the picture. Although I had felt the presence of this isolation in the painting, I couldn’t find a word to explain it; all I could think of was distance.I would like to commend Arthur on his interpretation of this painting. He has managed to relate a very important part of Ned Kelly’s life.


First Class Marksman by Sidney Nolan



I do have one conflict with Arthur’s description of this painting; he mentions that the Ned Kelly is portrayed as a criminal in this painting, but I would have to disagree. Although he maybe holding a gun, the title of the painting is “First class marksman” and I don’t see any other coorelation with his representation and that of him being a criminal. I would’ve loved to read more on how he come to this interpretation.

Keep up the good work, Arthur! Look forward to reading more of your blogs!


Peer Review #2

For this week’s peer review, I’ve chosen Shayma Abbas‘s blog.

In her “Blog #1″although the post was very insightful, I found some grammatical errors that made it very difficult to read. In the first paragraph, I couldn’t figure out what she was trying to explain when she mentions “has inevitably been showcased”. This improves as her post progresses to the second paragraph. In her final paragraph, I find the use of the word “personal” unnecessary, if it is her perspective then it already is personal. Her empathy towards the landscape and references that complemented

Her empathy towards the landscape and references that complemented her view accentuated the appeal of the overall post. I would like to compliment Shayma on her final product, it shows a lot of insight and research.

Peer Review #1

Firstly, I would like to comment on how beautiful and simple this blog is. It has inspired me to improve mine.

Her “New understandings : The Dreaming” post is very engaging and descriptive. I disagree with her regarding ‘no one can change how history is told. This may be true in today’s era but this is not completely accurate for the past where information technology wasn’t as developed. It’s interesting when you’re studying Literature with History because what we study in history is supposed to be something ‘legit’ but we need to take it with a pinch of salt because it is usually biased, whereas literature represents the time and era more accurately but its not considered as ‘legit’ as history.

Looking forward to her other blogs posts. 🙂