Peer Review #9

This week I’ll be reviewing Brandon’s blog 10/10

Hi Brandon,

I love how your blog is laid out and how you use numbers to keep track of your weekly blogs. I might pick that up because I always end up having to go back and count my blogs every time to see where I’m up to.

This is a very powerful post, and I can feel the sympathy you feel for animals and animal caretakers alike. It is a very hard job to take care of an animal who you know should be free and out in the wild. Humans are very strange when you think about it. They have sympathy and at the same time, they can be really cruel. In a way, we are no different than cats, who will let you pat them for a while and then claw you because they’ve changed their mind.

One last thing, in your comment box, after the comment is posted, the contrast between the color of the font and the comment box is not too high. I could barely read the other comment. You should look into changing that because it looks like a plain grey box at the end.

Looking forward to more of your blogs.



Peer Review #8

This week, I’ll be reviewing Erin’s blog Dear Miss Slatery

Hi Erin,

I love your play of words on your blog title “whatalittime” !

This blog is very to the point and short. I both appreciate it and would’ve liked a bit more. I found one typo on this post. You should be able to find it when you go through it. This letter is very powerful and your use of language is commendable. I do encourage you to write something longer to express your emotions. Overall, I’m enjoying your blog.


Peer Review #7

This week I’ll be reviewing Stephan’s blog Robert Frost’s Belief of Poetry

Hi Stephan,

I’m loving the overall theme of your blog. You should definitely try adding more photos to make your blog more interactive.

You make some good points in your blog, but I think there are a lot of ideas floating on here. I had to go back and forth to read it to understand the point you were trying to. Overall you make some interesting points. I think adding pictures will help break up some dense parts of your argument and make it easier on the reader.

Keep up the good work.


Peer Review #6

This week I’m reviewing Naomi’s blog  5

Hi Naomi,

You have an absolutely beautiful blog. It’s simple and elegant.

The beginning of this post speaks volumes to me. “too many questions to ask than I have comments to make”. You’ve put together a literature students dilemmas in a sentence. Our forever dying desire to know why an author wrote what he wrote. Why some symphonies are so beautiful and why they make you tear up just with music. Absolutely love this blog and love the rest of the blogs as well.
Keep up the good work.


Peer Review #5

This week, I’ll be reviewing Adam’s blog 3


Hey Adam,

Good job on the attempt! You sound like a pro.

Are you talking about Tom the cat from Tom and Jerry by any chance? If that is the case it sounds amazing, I personally am scared of trying to write poems. Poems are so raw and personal. It does give you an insight to a person’s life and if you hadn’t mentioned that it wasn’t based on your experience, I would’ve assumed you were talking about your life. Overall, I love that you’re trying to write poems. Maybe I’ll attempt one too.


Peer Review #4

This week I’m reviewing Raina’s blog 3

Hi Raina,

Love this post. Looking at Emily Dickinson as an outgoing person is definitely brave but not wrong. I do agree with you in some aspects. If she wasn’t outgoing in some ways you wouldn’t be able to send a strand of your hair to someone through the mail. She is definitely out there and her writing from a woman of her time does give me the courage to speak out my words and gives me the strength to experiment.

Your blog looks beautiful. Just a suggestion, I think it would look nice if Emily’s photo was on the top, rather than the bottom. I didn’t see the photo until I scrolled down to comment. I think it’d be a good intro if you had the picture on the top.

Overall, fantastic job!


Peer Review #3

For this week’s Peer Review, I’ve decided to review Neil’s blog Standing up

Hi Neil,

Beautiful poem! I’m truly touched by the struggle and the pain in this poem. I personally find poems very intimidating and I must commend you for yours. It’s beautiful and your language is powerful. We must face adversity as they come and fight back with full strength and perseverance. Your words are truly inspiring and I hope you continue to write more. Looking forward to reading more of your work.


Peer review #2

For this week’s peer review I’m reviewing Josh’s blog Travelling down the Mississippi River. 

Hi Josh,

Firstly, I love the theme of your blog, the black and red really do compliment each other. I love your post about travelling with the runaways, it really does put you in a beautiful mindset of travelling down the Mississippi river. How wonderful and exciting would it be to help two runaways along the river and as you said if such an opportunity arrives you just have to take it. I’m glad that you got the opportunity to write about this journey and hope that one day both of us get to see the Mississippi river in person.
Keep up the good work and I would love to read more of your writing.


Peer Review #1

For this week’s peer review. I’m reviewing Emily’s second blog

Hi Emily,

Love this blog on Patrick White’s quote “Life is full of alternatives but no choices”. This blog and the quote sent chills down my spine, just the stark reality of all these options and alternatives but is limited and not having a choice is so profound; especially because we are raised in a ‘the world is your oyster’ environment. But in reality, it’s not as easy as that. There are so much you can do, but you’re always limited by your circumstances and individual situation. There is always a potential for so much but you’ll never be able to exhaust that potential.

In terms of grammar, the blog is pretty good, except for the paragraph that starts with Fate. There are a few errors there. “is a results” and “an fragile”. If you have a read through you should be able to detect it.

Overall, great work on the blog. Looking forward to reading more of your work.