The art of surviving as a non-resident


Its tough business being a non resident and trying to settle down. Fortunately or unfortunately I fell in love with a guy from a different country – it wasn’t very hard considering I was studying in this country and also single. It was almost destiny that we ended up together because both of us were in a bad place when we found each other and the rest is history.

Being happily engaged to a man in this economy without a citizenship is difficult and expensive. The whole ordeal of being in a relationship demands the two of you to be in close proximity or at least it makes it easier. We discussed a lot of arrangements of when my visa runs out. I was on a student visa which only allowed me to work 20 hours and be enrolled in uni full-time, which is not cheap and every international student can probably vouch for that.

One of the many things we discussed was that I would go back to Nepal and he can stay here in Sydney. I would try to find a job until we would figure out what we wanted to do. It was one of the cheaper options definitely but one with a lot of heartache. Hats off to all the couples dealing with a long term relationship. I get anxiety attacks when I don’t hear from him for an hour. After much we debate we decided to go the pricey route as an investment for our future. We can’t stay in two countries for ever and if I ever wanted to move back to Nepal then I would always have the option to. This in no way has been an easy route and I wouldn’t recommend everyone to do it unless you are a 100% sure. The whole visa cost us almost $10k and we are still recovering from it. It is a big blow and if you’re not sure it’s not worth it. The whole process of it is also nerve racking.

Then there is the whole ordeal of living in a limbo. You can legally stay here but you’re a non resident. You’ve got full working rights but you can only apply to limited jobs. It is quite difficult and sometime you feel like you’re not good enough because you are incapable of doing somethings and it is out of your hand. The only thing you can do sometimes is to wait and sit tight. The support of your lovely partner is always helpful and if he doesn’t uplift you during your dark times he is definitely not worth it.