Peer Review #9

This week I’ll be reviewing Brandon’s blog 10/10

Hi Brandon,

I love how your blog is laid out and how you use numbers to keep track of your weekly blogs. I might pick that up because I always end up having to go back and count my blogs every time to see where I’m up to.

This is a very powerful post, and I can feel the sympathy you feel for animals and animal caretakers alike. It is a very hard job to take care of an animal who you know should be free and out in the wild. Humans are very strange when you think about it. They have sympathy and at the same time, they can be really cruel. In a way, we are no different than cats, who will let you pat them for a while and then claw you because they’ve changed their mind.

One last thing, in your comment box, after the comment is posted, the contrast between the color of the font and the comment box is not too high. I could barely read the other comment. You should look into changing that because it looks like a plain grey box at the end.

Looking forward to more of your blogs.



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