It is so exciting to be here on this boat. Who would’ve thought that I would end up helping Jim run away! After all the troubles I’ve caused him I guess this is the least I could do. But what an opportunity to go down the Mississipi river. I’ve always wanted to but I would have never imagined that it would be under these circumstances. I wish this trip will never end! Although I am helping Jim and Huck, I do want to stay on this boat forever, just flowing with the river. I want to become one with the river. The river is me and I am the river. It’s amazing how nature works, how the river is flowing, how it goes from night to day and day to night. You don’t think about these things on land; there is always more to do on land than on the river. When you don’t have those things to worry about you start seeing all these things. Like how bright the moon glows at night, how beautiful the stars are as you’re moving along the river. It’s breathtaking. I’m glad I decided to tag along with Huck and Jim.


5 thoughts on “Runaways

  1. Hi Prathu,

    I really like this post, as you’ve effectively described what you might feel like when you are with Huck and Jim. Your excellent word choice really shows that you appreciate nature the way Huck and Jim do in the novel. Although when I was reading this post, I was a little confused as to whether you were answering the first creative blog topic or the second one, but I see you’ve used the river as a means to “hitch a ride”, which makes your post interesting, however, at the top of your post I would just provide the blog topic that you are answering. Other than that, keep up the fantastic work! 🙂


  2. Hi Suzanne,

    I appreciate your comment. I thought the topic would’ve been clear because the first creative one is through Tom’s perspective about being with two runaways and the second on is from Huck’s perspective about why he wants to be there. And I titled it ‘Runways’ to make it obvious that it was the second one. I will keep in mind to make it more obvious, but I personally don’t like adding the blog topic to the blogs, I think it makes it look more cluttery. I understand why everyone does it, but I like to stir my readers with my post and want them to tell me what they think about it without being directed by the blog topics which is sorta like answering a question.

    I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. I’ll think of a way to incorporate the blog topic next time.



  3. Hi Prarthana, I really enjoyed your blog topic this week, especially since you’ve added a third character to the point of view. I too choose to write a similar blog on this although I chose to base it on the view of Huck. We have both made similar points as to how the river flows and feeling more in tune with nature as they float down it. Overall, a great blog and I can’t wait to read your other blogs!

    Sara 🙂


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