I believe that ‘Nature ‘ is the biggest gift that humankind has received. We are who we are because of the gifts that we have been given but also because of humankind’s resourcefulness and the will to survive any obstacle. The Native American sense of the importance of nature reminds me of the religion which I grew up in taught me. Hindu’s have a similar sense of the importance of nature, but instead of it being one almighty they see the divine in individual things. Everything is a representation of a god. And we respect or at least try to respect everything accordingly. Leading 18 years under similar circumstances to the Native American sense of the importance of nature. It has its pros and cons. Although I am not trying to claim that these in any way are the exact same, this thought came across to me during the lecture. And how two different religions that developed under two different circumstances could be so similar. It could be possibly the true human character. I cannot answer the question if living like the Native American sense of the importance of nature will make our lives more whole and meaningful because the definition of more whole and meaningful is very vague and subjective; things that I find whole and meaningful may not be the same as the third or the second person. In my opinion, religion itself is a way for people to find meaning and purpose, and the Native American’s values may also serve this purpose.


2 thoughts on “Respect

  1. Hi Pra!

    This blog is a real eyeopener for me, as me personally, hasn’t had much religious impact in my life as much as others may have. However, that is what makes this blog so special. Your comments on how two cultures can have such similar values really affirmates the sense that everyone deep down is truly the same. The same goals and determination for life connects us all in ways that makes us one.

    Individual’s special gifts I believe is something that one can contribute to the world to help notify and solidify the people of this world. For example, art is a major contributor from all reaches of this earth. it can make statements about different aspects that people haven’t considered, it can make people see the ugly truth of things they may be trying to supress or hide and can bring people from all over the world together.

    Your perspective on religion and nature shows me that not only can talents like art bring people together, but also different religions from different parts of the world.


  2. This is a fair enough response Prathu, you question the accuracy of the terms posed in the question and you formulate your own sense of the possible ways of looking at influences. Good.
    *Please attend to editing your work carefully. Here is what I have picked up:
    *the Native American sense of the importance…=the Native Americans’ sense of the import
    I note that you are way behind in your blogs overall…..


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