“It is …Death alone that can suddenly make man to know himself.”?

It is said that when you’re about to die, everthing that you value the most in your life flashes before your eyes and everything that we regret and are proud of. And I agree strongly with this. Death is like a drying concrete which seals all the work you have done in you life. This is the only time when you can truly reflect on your life without any intent for progression.

It is the time when a person can truly contemplate on his life’s decision and what the have accomplished and what they want to accomplish, they see themselves in plain sight. If I was on my deathbed, I would think about if I had accomplished enough in my life to make my family proud of me, if I had accomplished enough to die happy. And one of the most amazing gifts would be to die content. But it is also impossible because if that were to happen, no person would be motivated to do anything. When a person does reach this position when they have no way to improve their position in life, then you truly know yourself as a person.


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