I, Richard III

Deformed, useless, worthless, damaged, undesirable, cursed.

I’ve been taunted, thrown around, blamed for bad luck and attacked for just being born. Yes, I was born with my deformities but I did not choose them for myself. I did not decide to be the center of everyone’s mockery and live a discarded life filled with hatred. I’ve felt helpless and hopeless but no more. I won’t take this mockery of my life anymore. I was torn between life and death. What kind of life am I living? I am not doing any favors to myself by living, in this world of hatred and perfection that detests my mere existence! It mocks me every chance that it gets. But what good could I bring into this world if I gave up so easily? I shall make my skin thick, thicker than my deformity and I shall survive.I will thrive in this world with my disadvantage and show them that I’ve got an upper hand and I’m different, not because I’m weak but because I’m stronger. I’ll use their immaculateness against them and pit them against each other. Who are they to define me and direct my life, I vow to make each and everyone of them feel worse than they’ve ever made me feel. I will destroy them and I’ll conquer them. I will make their lives worse than they could’ve ever made mine.


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