Peer Review #2

This week I’ll be reviewing Samantha’s blog

Your blog is really nice Samantha! I love your Center of the Universe. It is well spaced out and very detailed. You have a lot of information and it is a very well researched blog. You’ve enticed some interesting thoughts about Shakespeare and Marlowe’s work. I had never thought of these two writers focusing on the major flaw in the philosophy of their time.

I’m looking forward to reading more of your work. Keep up the good work. I also love the images you’ve used and the placement of them.



The Faerie Queene

Lo I the man, whose Muse whilome did maske,
As time her taught, in lowly Shepheards weeds,
Am now enfrost a far unfitter taske,
For trumpets sterne to chaunge mine Oaten reeds,
And sing of Knights and Ladies gentle deeds;
Whose prayers having slept in silence long,
Me, all too meane, the sacred Muse areeds
To blazon broad emongst her learned throng:
Fierce warres and faithful loves shall moralize my song. 

The opening stanza of The Fairie Queene sounds almost like a prayer. The use of words in this stanza such as “Am now enfrost a far unfitter taske”,  he is bracing the audience for what is about to come and let them know that although he has been given this noble task, he may be unfit or unworthy of it. He is aware that the task in hand is great and if he completes this he will be praised as a knight and that he has people’s prayers that will be protecting him.

The language in the opening lines is very strong. In the first look, it was really hard to comprehend. But as it progresses to the second stanza it becomes clearer and clearer. He asks the holy virgin of nine to grant him the strength to carry out a task that only they can accomplish but with their support, he will attempt to take care of. Overall, it is very powerful not only in terms of the language he uses but also the strength he gathers upon with the use of his words to fight the monster.

Peer review #1

This week, I’m reviewing Anne-Marie’s blog.

Your blog is beautiful! I love the quote on your page, “We explore because we are human” – Stephen Hawkings. A wonderful quote to start reading a new blog.

I completely agree with your review of Shakespeare’s language for Anne. It’s extremely painful but also at the same time very elegant and intelligent in comparison to Richard III’s language, which is very hoarse, misogynistic and loathsome. As much as I love your blog, I would love to read more of it. I understand that this is supposed to be a short review of a particular scene, but it would’ve been nice if it had been longer.

Keep writing! Looking forward to more of your work.


I, Richard III

Deformed, useless, worthless, damaged, undesirable, cursed.

I’ve been taunted, thrown around, blamed for bad luck and attacked for just being born. Yes, I was born with my deformities but I did not choose them for myself. I did not decide to be the center of everyone’s mockery and live a discarded life filled with hatred. I’ve felt helpless and hopeless but no more. I won’t take this mockery of my life anymore. I was torn between life and death. What kind of life am I living? I am not doing any favors to myself by living, in this world of hatred and perfection that detests my mere existence! It mocks me every chance that it gets. But what good could I bring into this world if I gave up so easily? I shall make my skin thick, thicker than my deformity and I shall survive.I will thrive in this world with my disadvantage and show them that I’ve got an upper hand and I’m different, not because I’m weak but because I’m stronger. I’ll use their immaculateness against them and pit them against each other. Who are they to define me and direct my life, I vow to make each and everyone of them feel worse than they’ve ever made me feel. I will destroy them and I’ll conquer them. I will make their lives worse than they could’ve ever made mine.