Peer Review #4

For this week’s peer review, I’ve chosen Barbara Apicella‘s post Perspective.

The way Barbara has chosen to review her perspective on the two poems by Charles Harpur and Henry Kendall is very interesting. Although breaking down the poems and then explaining them did help me understand her interpretation but I also felt that the poem covered more of the post and I couldn’t feel a flow in the whole post.

My connection with what she was trying to say broke because I had to scroll down through the poems to read the complete picture of what Barbara was trying to say. I really loved Barbara’s spirit in this post. I would’ve loved to read more of her. But her sentences seemed to be cut short and abrupt. A little more emphasis on the flow of sentences would make her posts more appealing to the readers.

Overall, great post! There are some grammatical errors that can be fixed with a final proof read but nothing too major and the content overall was very enlightening and spirited. Look forward to reading more from you, Barbara!


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