Peer review #3

For this week peer review, I have chosen Arthur Stathopoulos ‘s “Blog 5: Critical response“.

This post definitely introduced a new perspective about the painting. I agree with Arthur regarding the isolation in the picture. Although I had felt the presence of this isolation in the painting, I couldn’t find a word to explain it; all I could think of was distance.I would like to commend Arthur on his interpretation of this painting. He has managed to relate a very important part of Ned Kelly’s life.


First Class Marksman by Sidney Nolan



I do have one conflict with Arthur’s description of this painting; he mentions that the Ned Kelly is portrayed as a criminal in this painting, but I would have to disagree. Although he maybe holding a gun, the title of the painting is “First class marksman” and I don’t see any other coorelation with his representation and that of him being a criminal. I would’ve loved to read more on how he come to this interpretation.

Keep up the good work, Arthur! Look forward to reading more of your blogs!



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