Predictability is one of the things that humankind is obsessed with. This gives them the power to control and manipulate the situation. We like to predict everything: games, weather, stories, future. Let’s just say that we like to be in our element and perform the best. It kills us when we can’t predict things. We hate it when we have predicted a sunny day and it starts raining, ruining your day.  I had a similar reaction when I started this unit. When you think about the word literature, you automatically start thinking about Shakespeare, poems and similar conventional English literature of Britain.

This unit has changed my perspective and tarnished my protective predictability. I’ve been struggling with the readings so much. It’s like my brain is repelling everything I’m reading. This gets even more interesting when you take into consideration that English is my second language. It has made me think about how maybe my brain has just been memorising rather than learning. Maybe I’ve just memorised conventional English and I can’t make sense of anything else.

Starting with The Deadman Dance by Kim Scott; the writing made complete sense. It was in English and more or less I could understand the meaning of 90% of the words used in it. But it was still very difficult for me to make sense of. This has definitely made me question how much of what I know is actually practical and independent.



2 thoughts on “Predictability

  1. Pratha- I love the image you have chosen at the start of this blog (fits very nicely with your content!). I also like the open, honest directness with which you express yourself and tell the truth about where you are in relation to the literature being studied.
    But there are things to be fixed>
    * Shakespear = Shakespeare [try very hard not to misspell the names of authors and artists!]
    * Can you see that in your second paragraph you have repeated the last sentence of the previous paragraph (complete with the same spelling mistake!!!!). You are not editing your work very carefully!!!


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