Peer Review #1

Firstly, I would like to comment on how beautiful and simple this blog is. It has inspired me to improve mine.

Her “New understandings : The Dreaming” post is very engaging and descriptive. I disagree with her regarding ‘no one can change how history is told. This may be true in today’s era but this is not completely accurate for the past where information technology wasn’t as developed. It’s interesting when you’re studying Literature with History because what we study in history is supposed to be something ‘legit’ but we need to take it with a pinch of salt because it is usually biased, whereas literature represents the time and era more accurately but its not considered as ‘legit’ as history.

Looking forward to her other blogs posts. 🙂



Australia has seen a lot of internal conflict relating to indigenous Australians. Yothu Yindi’s song “Treaty” is a very catchy and straightforward song suggesting a treaty to unite everyone in this country. “This land was never bought or sold”- with this line he is emphasising that there has never been any sort of formal agreement on anything between the indigenous people, who are the original inhabitors, and the ‘settlers’. He does acknowledge that he has heard promises from people but promises can be broken because they don’t have much backbone to the person other than their face value. A treaty would be a great way forward for everyone in the country because it would create an opportunity for negotiation regarding boundaries and other things that require a review from both sides. For example, the highly controversial Australia day on 26th of January. Although it celebrates a great cause as a nation, it chooses a very sensitive day for the aboriginal people, which is borderline insulting. I strongly agree with Yothu Yindi and believe that the only way forward as a community or a country is by respecting and celebrating each other’s culture and history.On that note, Happy Easter!

90/222 Poster, ‘Australia Day Invasion Day’, Wendy Dunn with assistance from Alice Hinton-Bateup, for Garage Graphix, screenprint on paper, Mount Druitt, New South Wales, Australia, 1987

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